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Don’t stress about digging up your yard to repair or replace a sewer line. In Santa Fe, NM the experts at James’ Plumbing & Heating have you covered with trenchless sewer line repair. Using the latest technology, we are able to safely and quickly repair or replace your sewer line without ruining your lawn.

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Benefits of Santa Fe Trenchless Repairs

There are many benefits to getting a trenchless sewer line repair done the next time your Santa Fe, NM sewer pipes need work. Some of these benefits include:

  • Typically it takes less time to complete the repair as no digging needs to be done.
  • Since there is no digging, it preserves your garden, lawn or any landscaping in your yard, making post­repair cleanup a breeze.
  • Is typically more cost effective than traditional methods.
  • Repairs are still thorough and permanent, trenchless repairs are able to meet all industry standards.

When is Trenchless the Better Option?

Your Santa Fe plumbing experts will be able to advise you on which method of sewer line repair is most beneficial for you. When our technicians arrive on a call they always make sure to assess each individual case by what is best for the homeowner.

Some reasons that could warrant a trenchless sewer line repair are as follows:

  • If the pipes that need to be repaired run below landscaping or underneath your home or building.
  • Broken pipes from the ground freezing or thawing quickly.
  • Cracked or leaking pipes that occur from ground settling.
  • Burst sewer lines from root systems taking hold or if there is other debris in the lines.
  • Recurring issues, blockages or leaking pipes from improper installation.

What is Pipe Relining?

With trenchless sewer line repairs, one of the challenges is removing the old pipe. With pipe relining, the need to remove the old pipe is gone since we will install a new pipe directly inside the old pipe.

Our technicians will insert a lining material to to coat the current pipe, then use an air bladder to inflate the pipe and hold it still until it has time to harden. Once the new pipe is hardened, the bladder is removed and you are left with an even stronger pipe inside the old pipe.

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If you are experiencing pesky sewer line problems or are worried about having to dig up your yard to get at a leak or burst pipe, call the experts at James’ Plumbing & Heating and ask about our trenchless sewer line repair services. Call 505-473-7148 and speak to someone today.

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