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Are you looking for a plumber to tackle a persistent leak? Do you need heating and air conditioning experts to keep your home comfortable? Look no further – James Plumbing & Heating is your trusted partner for all your plumbing and heating needs in and around Santa Fe.

Our Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Services

At James Plumbing & Heating, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your neighbors, and we understand the unique challenges that homeowners in Santa Fe face. Our goal is to ensure that your home remains a haven of comfort, no matter the season. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:


Plumbing and heating emergencies don’t wait for convenient hours. When disaster strikes, our emergency service is your lifeline. Whether it’s a burst pipe flooding your home, a malfunctioning heater on a frigid night, or a clogged drain disrupting your daily routine, we’re here to respond swiftly. Our expert technicians are available 24/7, ready to diagnose, repair, and restore your peace of mind. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and our emergency service ensures that you’re never left in the cold or with a mess to handle. When you face unexpected crises, trust us to provide immediate, reliable solutions.


A comfortable indoor environment is crucial for your business’s productivity and the well-being of your employees and customers. Our commercial HVAC services cater to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring optimal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning performance. We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs for a range of commercial systems, from large-scale HVAC units to complex climate control solutions. With a team of experienced technicians, we keep your workspace at the right temperature year-round, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Trust us to provide tailored HVAC solutions that keep your business running smoothly and your clients and staff comfortable.


Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems running efficiently. Our service agreements offer a proactive approach to ensure the longevity and reliability of your vital systems. With regular inspections and scheduled maintenance, we detect and address potential issues before they become costly problems. We prioritize the well-being of your home, providing peace of mind that your systems are in optimal condition. Don’t wait for a breakdown to address your home’s comfort needs. Invest in a service agreement to stay ahead of issues and enjoy uninterrupted performance, saving both time and money in the long run.


When it’s time to beat the heat, our AC installation and replacement services ensure your comfort during the scorching summer months. We understand the importance of a reliable air conditioning system, and our expert technicians offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a new installation or upgrading your existing unit, we meticulously handle the process from start to finish. We ensure the right system is selected, professionally installed, and optimized for energy efficiency, providing you with a cool, comfortable environment. Stay ahead of the summer heat with our services, and experience the difference of a well-planned and expertly executed AC installation or replacement.


Your air conditioning system is your sanctuary during hot summer days, and to ensure it keeps you cool and comfortable, regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential. Our AC repair and maintenance services are here to guarantee that your system operates at its best, efficiently cooling your space. Our skilled technicians address issues like reduced cooling, strange noises, or even complete breakdowns swiftly and effectively. We also offer routine maintenance to prevent potential problems, extending your system’s lifespan. Don’t let the heat get to you; trust us to keep your AC in peak condition, ensuring your comfort and energy savings.


Your air conditioner’s performance hinges on the cleanliness of its filters. Over time, dust and debris accumulate, obstructing airflow and reducing cooling efficiency. AC filter replacements are a simple yet vital aspect of HVAC maintenance. Regularly changing your filters not only enhances your indoor air quality but also ensures your AC operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption. Whether you’re seeking to improve the air you breathe or keep your energy bills in check, AC filter replacements are the solution. Trust our expertise to help you maintain a healthy, energy-efficient home with the simple act of changing your filters regularly.


Ductless mini-split systems offer precise, personalized cooling solutions without the need for extensive ductwork. Our expert ductless mini-split installation services ensure you experience comfort on your terms. These systems are ideal for spaces with specific cooling requirements, offering zoned climate control and energy-efficient operation. Our skilled technicians carefully assess your needs, selecting and installing the right mini-split system to ensure optimal performance. Whether it’s a single-zone or multi-zone installation, we create a cool, comfortable, and efficient environment for your home. Experience a new level of comfort with ductless mini-split installation tailored to your unique requirements.


A reliable furnace is your shield against the winter chill, making furnace repair and replacement services crucial. Our skilled technicians are your trusted experts in maintaining the warmth of your home. We swiftly diagnose and repair issues such as strange noises, uneven heating, or system malfunctions. If your furnace is past its prime, we offer top-quality replacement units that are efficient, cost-effective, and suited to your unique needs. Don’t compromise on your winter comfort. Trust us for expert furnace repair and replacement services, ensuring your home remains warm and cozy even during the coldest months.


Ductless mini-split systems provide personalized climate control, but like any technology, they can face occasional issues. When your mini-split system falters, our expert ductless mini-split repair services are at your service. Our skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and resolve issues, restoring zoned comfort in your home. Whether it’s cooling or heating problems, irregular performance, or any other concern, we have the experience and expertise to address them. Trust us to keep your mini-split system running efficiently, providing the customized comfort it was designed for. Don’t let a malfunction disrupt your zoned climate control; rely on our experts for swift, reliable repairs.


A boiler is a reliable source of warmth, and its installation is a significant investment in your home’s comfort. Our expert boiler installation services ensure you experience efficient, consistent heating. We meticulously assess your heating needs, recommending the right boiler to match your space and requirements. Our certified technicians handle the installation with precision, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. A well-installed boiler can save on heating costs and provide a cozy, warm home. Trust us for expert boiler installations, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient heating system, even in the coldest winter months.


Radiant heating offers a luxurious and efficient way to keep your home warm, but like any system, it may require repair or installation. Our expert radiant heating services cater to your comfort needs. If your existing system needs attention, we swiftly diagnose and repair issues, ensuring that warmth flows consistently through your floors. For those looking to embrace the comfort of radiant heating, our installation services are tailored to your space and preferences. Our skilled technicians are equipped to install and repair these systems with precision, providing you with the joy of toasty floors during the chilliest of seasons. Rely on our expertise for radiant heating that keeps your home cozy and inviting.


In arid regions, a swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler, is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for keeping your home cool. Our expert swamp cooler installation services are designed to provide you with efficient and affordable cooling options. We assess your home’s layout and cooling needs, recommending the right swamp cooler system to suit your space. Our certified technicians handle the installation with precision, ensuring efficient operation and comfort during the hottest months. Experience the natural, refreshing coolness of a swamp cooler in your home while saving on energy costs. Trust us for expert swamp cooler installations that bring relief in dry climates, making your home a comfortable oasis.


In the world of commerce, smooth operations hinge on efficient plumbing systems. Our expert commercial plumbing services are tailored to the unique needs of businesses. We understand the critical role plumbing plays in maintaining a thriving enterprise, from restrooms and kitchen facilities to water supply and drainage. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of plumbing needs, from repairs to installations and maintenance. We prioritize minimal disruption to your business operations and ensure compliance with local regulations. Trust us for timely, reliable solutions that keep your business flowing smoothly. With our expertise, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of your commercial plumbing needs.


Your water heater is the unsung hero of your home, providing you with a steady supply of warm water for daily needs. When it falters, our expert water heater repair and installation services are your key to restoring comfort. We swiftly diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring hot water flows freely once more. If it’s time for an upgrade, our skilled technicians handle installations with precision, guaranteeing efficient operation and energy savings. With us, you can enjoy the luxury of endless hot water and a dependable water heating system that meets your specific needs. Trust our expertise to keep your home’s comfort uninterrupted, whether through repair or installation.


A malfunctioning sewer line can quickly turn into a major headache, jeopardizing your home’s sanitation and safety. Our expert sewer line repair services offer rapid, efficient solutions to restore your vital plumbing system. Using cutting-edge technology, we pinpoint the issue and provide targeted repairs, minimizing disruption. Our certified technicians handle everything, from simple blockages to complex line damage, with precision. With our professional approach, you can trust that your sewer line will be restored to full function swiftly and effectively. Don’t let sewer issues linger; we’re here to ensure your home stays clean and safe, and your daily life remains free from plumbing worries.


When your sewer system reaches the end of its lifespan or faces extensive damage, sewer replacement becomes a necessity. Our expert sewer replacement services provide a comprehensive solution to renew your plumbing system. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to ensure minimal disruption to your property while delivering a seamless and long-lasting replacement. Our certified technicians are well-versed in handling the complexities of sewer replacement, from permits to installation. With our expertise, you can trust that your new sewer system will function flawlessly, offering a fresh start for your home’s plumbing, free from the worries of old or damaged pipes.


Hidden water leaks can wreak havoc on your home, causing structural damage and increasing water bills. Our expert water leak detection service utilizes advanced technology to uncover concealed leaks in your plumbing system. Whether it’s behind walls, under floors, or in your yard, we swiftly pinpoint the source. Early detection prevents further damage and costly repairs. Our certified technicians are skilled in precision and efficiency, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. Don’t let hidden leaks go unnoticed. Trust us to find and resolve them, preserving your home’s integrity and conserving water resources.


Upgrade your home’s hot water supply with tankless water heater installation. Our expert services provide an innovative solution to ensure you never run out of hot water again. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, offering endless hot showers and reducing energy bills. Our certified technicians skillfully install these efficient units, tailored to your specific needs. Experience the convenience of compact, wall-mounted tankless heaters that save space and provide consistent hot water at your desired temperature. With our professional installation, you’ll enjoy the benefits of modern technology, increased energy efficiency, and a luxurious supply of hot water, all at your fingertips.


Your daily shower is more than just a routine; it’s a rejuvenating experience. Our expert shower installation services transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a standard shower or a luxurious spa-like retreat, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians handle every detail, from the plumbing to the fixtures, ensuring your shower not only looks stunning but functions flawlessly. With a wide range of styles and features to choose from, we tailor the installation to your preferences. Trust us to bring your dream shower to life, providing you with an exquisite and refreshing start to each day.


Over time, aging or deteriorating pipes can lead to a host of plumbing problems. Whole house repiping is the ultimate solution to ensure your home’s plumbing system remains reliable and efficient. Our expert technicians handle this extensive process with precision, replacing old or damaged pipes with new, durable materials. The result is a plumbing system that operates smoothly, prevents leaks, and preserves water quality. Whether you’re dealing with frequent leaks or have concerns about the integrity of your pipes, whole-house repiping is an investment in the longevity and reliability of your home. Trust our expertise to safeguard your plumbing for years to come.


Protecting your water supply from contamination is a top priority. Backflow preventer testing is a crucial step in ensuring your plumbing system remains secure. Our expert technicians are skilled in evaluating and testing these devices, which prevent the unwanted reversal of water flow into your clean water supply. Regular testing is essential to verify their effectiveness and compliance with local regulations. By conducting thorough assessments, we guarantee that your water remains safe for consumption and free from contaminants or pollutants. With our backflow preventer testing services, you can trust that your water quality remains uncompromised and your health is safeguarded.


A garbage disposal is a kitchen workhorse, simplifying the task of managing food waste. Our expert garbage disposal installation services offer you a quick and clean solution for disposing of kitchen scraps. We ensure that your disposal unit is correctly installed and seamlessly integrated into your kitchen sink. Our certified technicians handle every detail, from the plumbing to the electrical connections, leaving you with a convenient and efficient disposal system. With a properly installed garbage disposal, you’ll experience less mess, reduced odors, and a more hygienic kitchen. Trust our expertise to transform your kitchen cleanup and make meal preparation a breeze.


Clean, safe drinking water is essential for your family’s health. Our expert water filtration system installation services offer a dependable solution. We assess your water quality and specific needs, recommending the right filtration system to remove impurities, contaminants, and unwanted tastes or odors. Our certified technicians handle the installation with precision, ensuring that your water is purified to perfection. With a water filtration system in place, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is consuming clean, healthy water. Trust our expertise to provide a reliable water filtration solution, safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring your hydration is both safe and delicious.


Hard water can wreak havoc on your home and your daily routines, from causing limescale buildup in pipes to leaving spots on dishes and glassware. Our expert water softener installation services offer a transformative solution. We carefully analyze your water quality and choose the right water softener system to eliminate mineral content, resulting in softer, purer water. Our certified technicians ensure a seamless installation, ensuring your home enjoys the benefits of softened water. Say goodbye to scale, enjoy cleaner laundry, and notice the difference in your hair and skin. Water softener installation elevates your water quality and enhances your daily life.


Clogged drains are an inconvenient nuisance, disrupting daily life and causing plumbing issues. Our expert drain cleaning services provide a quick and effective solution. We utilize advanced techniques to remove blockages, whether it’s hair, grease, soap scum, or foreign objects. Our certified technicians handle the task with precision, ensuring your drains flow freely once more. Say goodbye to slow drainage, unpleasant odors, and potential water damage. With our professional drain cleaning, you’ll enjoy a smoothly running plumbing system, free from the worries of stubborn clogs. Trust our expertise to restore your home’s plumbing to optimal performance and convenience.


A damaged or leaking gas line poses serious safety risks, making prompt repair crucial. Our expert gas line repair services prioritize your safety and peace of mind. We respond swiftly to detect and address gas line issues, preventing potential hazards. Our certified technicians are trained in precise repairs and use advanced technology to ensure the problem is fully resolved. Don’t let gas leaks jeopardize your family or property. Trust our expertise to provide immediate and effective gas line repair, ensuring that your home remains safe, free from gas leaks, and your appliances operate flawlessly. Safety always comes first with our services.


Slab leaks, hidden beneath your home’s foundation, can lead to structural damage and water wastage. Our expert slab leak repair services are designed to address this issue promptly and efficiently. We employ advanced techniques to detect the precise location of the leak, minimizing the need for extensive excavation. Our certified technicians are skilled in making accurate, minimally invasive repairs, ensuring your foundation remains intact. With our professional approach, you can trust that your home is protected from the potential hazards of slab leaks, preserving your property’s value and safety. Don’t let a slab leak undermine your home’s foundation; rely on our expertise for a durable solution.


In regions prone to heavy rainfall or high water tables, a sump pump is a homeowner’s best friend. Our expert sump pump services offer a vital layer of protection for your home. We assess your specific needs, recommending the right sump pump system to prevent basement flooding and water damage. Our certified technicians handle installation and maintenance with precision, ensuring your sump pump is always ready to spring into action when water levels rise. With our professional sump pump services, you can trust that your basement remains dry, your possessions are safeguarded, and your peace of mind is preserved, even during the heaviest downpours.

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    FAQs on Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

    Yes, a dirty filter can significantly affect your air conditioning (AC) system in several ways. AC filters play a crucial role in maintaining indoor air quality, enhancing system efficiency, and promoting overall comfort. Here’s how a dirty filter can impact your AC:

    • Reduced Airflow: When your filter becomes clogged with dust, debris, and particulates, it restricts the flow of air through your AC system. This reduced airflow makes it harder for the AC to circulate cool air throughout your home, leading to decreased cooling efficiency.
    • Increased Energy Consumption: To compensate for reduced airflow, your AC system has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This increased workload leads to higher energy consumption, resulting in elevated utility bills.
    • Overheating and Damage: A dirty filter can cause your AC’s evaporator coil to become too cold, which can lead to freezing. Additionally, the increased strain on the system can result in overheating and potential damage to crucial components.
    • Poor Indoor Air Quality: A clogged filter is less effective at trapping allergens and contaminants, leading to a decline in indoor air quality. This can exacerbate respiratory issues and allergies.
    • Shortened System Lifespan: The additional strain caused by a dirty filter can reduce the overall lifespan of your AC system, potentially resulting in costly repairs or premature replacement.

    Prevent these issues by regularly checking and changing your AC filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This simple maintenance task can go a long way in ensuring your AC runs efficiently, saving you money and providing a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

    A heating and air conditioning system leaking water can be a common issue with a variety of potential causes. It’s essential to address this problem promptly to prevent further damage to your HVAC system and your home. Here are some of the common reasons why your HVAC unit might be leaking water:

    • Clogged or Disconnected Drain Line: The most frequent cause of HVAC leaks is a clogged drain line or a disconnected drain pipe. Over time, algae, dirt, or debris can accumulate in the drain line, causing a blockage. If the drain line is disconnected or improperly installed, it can also lead to leaks.
    • Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coil: A dirty or frozen evaporator coil can cause condensation to drip into the system rather than drain properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent this issue.
    • Refrigerant Leaks: Leaking refrigerant can affect the temperature and pressure within the evaporator coil, resulting in ice buildup and water leakage. Refrigerant leaks require professional repair.
    • Condensate Pump Issues: If your HVAC system relies on a condensate pump to remove water, a malfunction or failure of the pump can lead to leaks.
    • Improperly Installed or Damaged Drain Pan: The drain pan under the evaporator coil can crack or become dislodged due to age or improper installation, leading to leaks.
    • High Humidity: In some cases, especially during hot and humid weather, condensation can form and leak from the HVAC system. While this is normal, if the drainage system is insufficient, it can lead to noticeable leakage.

    To address these issues, it’s crucial to consult with a professional HVAC technician. They can diagnose the specific problem, perform necessary repairs, and provide regular maintenance to prevent future leaks. Ignoring HVAC leaks can lead to not only system inefficiency but also potential water damage to your home.

    A slow leak, whether in your plumbing or HVAC system, may not seem as urgent as a sudden, catastrophic failure, but it should not be underestimated or ignored. While a slow leak doesn’t present the same immediate risk of flooding or property damage, it can lead to several significant issues over time.

    • Slow leaks can cause gradual damage to your home’s structural integrity, leading to mold growth, wood rot, and compromised building materials. These issues can be costly to repair and pose health risks.
    • Slow leaks can significantly increase your water and energy bills, wasting resources and money.
    • If left unaddressed, a slow leak can worsen and become a more substantial problem, potentially leading to a sudden and extensive failure that could be considered an emergency.

    It’s crucial to treat a slow leak as a pressing issue and take immediate action. Regular maintenance and early detection can help prevent slow leaks, and addressing them promptly is essential to avoid more significant problems down the line. If you notice a slow leak, it’s advisable to consult with a professional to assess the situation and make necessary repairs before it escalates.

    Determining whether a leak is an emergency depends on various factors, including the type, location, and severity of the leak. Here are some guidelines to help you assess if a leak is an emergency:

    • Water Flow Rate: If the leak is gushing or causing a rapid and uncontrolled flow of water, it’s typically an emergency. This includes burst pipes or major plumbing failures.
    • Location: A leak near electrical outlets, appliances, or in the vicinity of gas lines is an emergency due to the risk of electrical hazards, gas leaks, or fire.
    • Foul Odor: If the leak is accompanied by a foul odor, such as a gas or sewage smell, it’s a serious emergency that poses health and safety risks.
    • Flood Risk: A leak that is flooding your home, basement, or a significant area can cause substantial property damage and is an emergency.
    • No Water Shut-Off Valve: If you can’t isolate the source of the leak or lack a functioning shut-off valve, it’s an emergency because you can’t stop the water flow.
    • Mold or Structural Damage: A leak that has caused visible mold growth or structural damage is an emergency, as it threatens your health and the integrity of your home.
    • Loss of Critical Services: A leak that disrupts essential services, like heating, cooling, or water supply, is an emergency, especially in extreme weather conditions.

    In any of these situations, it’s crucial to act swiftly to mitigate the risks and minimize damage. Turn off the main water supply or gas line if possible, and contact a professional for immediate assistance. For non-emergency leaks, scheduling a timely repair is still essential to prevent the issue from worsening.

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